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We purchased a low mileage used Elantra for our daughter. We wanted a good solid dependable car as she would be a thousand miles away at school. She loved the car and everything was great until 7 months after purchasing it one day it would hardly accelerate. Upon a trip to the local dealership it received 4 new ignition coils. Fast forward 6 months and only 5,000 miles it is acting the same way again. Only this time on multiple tries the previous dealership never answered the phone and you could not leave a message. My daughter tried a second dealership and was told they couldn't get here in for 30 days. Really? Any other dealers were over an hour away and not very practical with her schedule let alone what the Uber charges would be. A late afternoon call to Firestone and they got her in at 8 am and had the coils changed and out the door with new spark plugs by 10:30am. I spoke with the service manager and heard of all the issues these cars have with ignition coils. Over time carbon builds up in the combustion chamber and on the plugs which can reduce the gaps & shorten the life of the coils. He said it was a problem with their engine design. Anyway, all we can do is hope these last longer. I sent the bill to Hyundai and asked for there assistance with the cost of the bill along with inquiring as to why so many people have ignition coil issues with their Elantras. They totally ignored that question twice and flatly stated that "At this time, Hyundai Motor America is not able to offer assistance with your request for reimbursement, as Hyundai's warranty policy stipulates that all warranty repairs must be completed at an authorized Hyundai dealership. This is Hyundai's final position in this matter".

Hyundai has wiggle room with their warranty. They just made the decision not to help in this matter.

Hyundai has a engine problem they will not address. Has anyone here had this problem? If so, do the new plugs fix it? We need a dependable car for the daughter to drive that doesn't break down every few months.

We would have loved to have gotten this issue resolved at the dealership but who can do without a car for 30 days. Enough said...no more Hyundai for us. We expect better quality and service...
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