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Going mainstream isn’t always a bad thing.

If you’re a hip indie band or the coolest craft brewery this side of a 'fixie' bike, then going mainstream may be the worst idea ever. But, when it comes to big business, mainstream is where the money’s at.

For well over a decade now, Hyundai has made incredible strides to bring the Korean car maker from a value alterative to a full-fledge big-time player. Speaking of Hyundai in the same sentence as Toyota, Honda and Ford is now the norm.

Although Subaru is still a little bit quirky with the brand’s symmetrical all-wheel drive and opposed engine design, Subaru of 2015 is a far cry from Subaru circa 2000. No longer are vehicles like the SVX, Baja and B9 Tribeca being churned out by the Japanese automobile manufacturer. Now, the focus is on mainstream, everyday models that general consumers should appreciate.
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