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Hello, I’m new here and also not very mechanically inclined, so I’ll do my best to explain the issue.

I have a 2015 Hyundai Elantra with 143,196km. I have a fairly new battery (about a year old) and it’s reading 12.9v. I also just got an oil change on it.

The issue has been happening on and off, when I go to start the car, it would sound almost like a fan was on; and that would last for a second, then silence and then what sounded like a low humming. I’m unsure as to what it could be. I was trying to start it during a storm if that would cause any problems.
Today I was able to get it to start after trying for a second time and putting my foot on the gas. And since getting the oil change and driving it around for a bit it starts every time.

Previously I have had a similar issue, but it would make a grinding sort of noise, but if I stopped, took the key out and tried again I could get it to start. (I’m more so worried about the other problem than this one, just trying to give as many details as possible)

Thank you for your help!
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