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I just bought a 2015 Elantra GT Base with 32,000 miles and the standard suspension. It came off a lease and is a Hyundai certified vehicle. I like the car a lot. It feels nice and tight, and on smooth roads it feels well connected and tracks well. However, I notice that when I go over even moderate bumps in the road, I feel a lateral movement - shifting left and right. As soon as the pavement smooths out, the car feels nice and stable again.

My last car was a Mercedes E Class which was impervious to such things. The tires are new (V-Rated Nexen), pressure is correct, and I don't feel any pulling or anything that might indicate anything in the suspension is worn or broken. Is this just how these cars are, or could there be something wrong? Maybe a subtle alignment issue? The dealer is no help.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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