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Hello All - I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited. Very Very unhappy with ride quality of low profile OEM tires. I am thinking to go for 215/55/R17 ... I don't know if that is a stretch for Elantra. I don't want any rubbing issues down the line.
I read that 215/50/R17 has no problems of rubbing.
But, Can i bump it up to 215/55/R17 to have more rubber. I am really frustrated with 45's .... that is reason, I am planning to do 55's. But little worried if it's going to cause any rubbing issues even for slightest bump in the road. Can anyone please help?
I am considering Bridgestone - Turanza Serenity Plus as I am getting a decent price on them at Costco.
Any suggestions please.
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