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As mentioned I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited. The suspension is noise and rattle free (no clunking or clicking noises), drives extremely nice on the street, but on the hwy I feel a vibration and a noise in the front end that I also feel in the steering wheel and the floor of the car. It's not absurd but it is noticeable. Happens at around 117km (68 miles per hour). I thought it was the tires so I rotated them from front to back and it is still there so it's not tires (yes the tires are directional and they are going in the right direction). Whatever it is, it's sounding like drivetrain, not suspension. Almost like a bad axle, wheel bearing or possibly a transmission mount or something like that not causing the geometry to be in the right spot when moving at those speeds. Its a moving noise that starts to hum/lite faint growl at those speeds that is in sync with wheel rotation/driveshaft speed.
The car drives straight, doesn't vear off to the left or right, tires are wearing evenly too. This car is a low mileage, meticulously clean car that has never given any issues. From a visual look last night, nothing is jumping out at me. I was also thinking it could be the plastic guard under the belly of the engine flapping but that too is in perfect condition and secured properly. Axles also look good too, the boots are still intact and makes no noises around turns.

What I have done and checked thus far:

-Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil change
-Fully Synthetic Transmission fluid change
-Rotors and pads all around
-New KYB rear shocks
-New spark plugs
-Put on a completely different set of rims and tires (snow tires), It lessened the noise but it is still there faintly. I believe that is due to the factory rims with low profile tires and the snow tire has double the side wall absorbing the vibration better.
-Checked front suspension, ball joints, tie rods, end links are all in excellent condition with no play
-under 117km or 68 miles per hour the car drives perfectly. Make no suspension noises around turns or driving straight. Very quiet and smooth.
-Checked motor mounts, there is slight movement there but nothing excessive. Jacked up the car and took the passenger side motor mount off- it is good.
-axles look good, grabbed them and pushed up and down to see if there is any excessive movement. There is not
- tires wear evenly, drives straight and doesn't pull to any direction
-with the car raised I grabbed the wheel at 12 and 6 o'clock, no movement
-with the car raised I grabbed the wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock, no movement

Don't know what else to check. Just don't understand how something that can drive so seamlessly under that speed can have this faint vibration on the highway. Any ideas??

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Sounds like the only thing you missed was wheel balance 🤔 it’s definitely the kind of thing you can’t tell visually. Each wheel has to be individually checked to verify its balance weights are correctly placed. A well known symptom of off-balance wheels is vibration at highway speeds
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