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2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe First Drive

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Somewhere in America, there is a person searching for something. What they want is a guarantee, a sure thing, an absolute and a most definitely. The only thing is, this person is a bit different from the rest. They refuse to roll with the masses, follow the crowd, buy into fads and walk up to the check-out counter with all the others. When it comes time for them to buy a car, they steer clear of the cattle corrals in utter fear of being stuck with a washing machine. As much as they value efficiency, function and quality, this person actually enjoys and finds pleasure in driving. If their hunt for a vehicle wasn’t hard enough, the sedan, SUV, crossover and wagon segments do nothing for them; leaving an even smaller allotment of subjects to pick from. Their search would be over if only there was a practical, efficient and stylish coupe that was also rather happy to be alive. Now, that quest has come to a close. Welcome to the world the 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe.
Building a two door out of a four door shouldn’t be that difficult but even still, there have been times where things haven’t gone according to plan. In order to create something truly successful, an automaker must first start with an already successful platform. Given that the Elantra Sedan recently was named the 2012 North American Car of The Year, the Coupe has some seriously stout DNA. Building off the same compact front wheel drive platform, the two door Elantra shares the same wheelbase and layout with the sedan but does things in a much sportier and expressive manner. Aimed directly at the Honda Civic Coupe, the Hyundai seems to have taken every trick from the “small but fun” two door play book. Separating itself from its higher volume sibling are items such as larger wheels, sharper chassis tuning, a chicer interior and a more rambunctious body. The now signature fluidic design keeps the Coupe in the Hyundai family and if pointed straight ahead, the faces of the two Elantras are rather difficult to tell apart. The big difference lies along the sides as the A and C-pillars are longer to flow better with the widened fender flares. At the back, wrap-around taillamps, an integrated spoiler, a beveled rocker panel and chrome exhaust tips distinguish the Coupe further from the Sedan. Overall, the two door Elantra is seriously handsome and looks just right without appearing “hacked together”.
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