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Hello, thanks for your time and help! I’m just trying to pick some brains!

So, currently 2013 Hyundai Elantra just hit 200k miles. So we’ve been having intermittent issues with acceleration. If you speed up around 3k RPM’s it’s almost like the engine goes into limp mode. Extremely loss of power, you can hold the speed (typically 60 MPH) but can’t accelerate anywhere past that. In the past I had a similar issue at 2k RPMs and the gauge would jump once you hit it and replacing the crank shaft sensor fixed that. But I’ve since replaced the sensor twice to see it would resolve it but no luck. So it happens about every other day now, not every time but more often. Once you get to 60 mph or roughly 2500-3k RPM, it’ll flat line no more power and you can drive like that and it’ll come back to life after 10 miles or so. Or if you pull over turn the car off and off, it’ll be back to normal. I’m just stumped. No codes. Changed crank shaft,PCV, mass airflow. Any ideas!
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