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1. If you have rough roads to drive the Elantra limited with the 215 45r17 is a set up that satan musta given me. They keep failing early from cupping. Had anyone else had this problem? Have you resolved it?
2. I’m gonna try putting on a 16 inch tire with more sidewall to hopefully save the rear tires from failing so early and improve this god Awful ride quality. Has anyone done this?
3. The 215 45 17 is pretty, and they do handle smooth roads delightfully..... but I hate em so much
4. How is there not a class action lawsuit on this terrible tire/ suspension set up

—————Long version ———————-

We live in southern Nh and in the winter the roads get Terrible where we drive north to go skiing. The 215 45 17 is straight garbage here. We keep trashing rear tires in this stupid size.

I know what the dealer is gonna say. “Pay us to replace the rear shocks, give you an alignment and replace the rear tires with another new pair”

Well no way Jose. No way Jose at all. No sir e bob. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice and I start making other plans buddy.

(I figured I had a bad rear wheel bearing by the sound and feel of it but, on the lift my local garage showed me the cupping of the rear tires. They said Honda civics have the same size tire and suspension set up and they see it all the time as well on them. My buddy has the 215 45 17, on his 2011 focus and he has the same rear cupped tire issue.... I google 2013 Hyundai Elantra rear tires wearing out/cupping.....and I find A TON OF OTHER OWNERS WITH THE SAME ISSUE. They have trashed multiple rear tires on cars with only 50k on the clock! It gets me all hot and bothered)

My wife before I was with her trashed a set of rear tires prematurely because then were all cupped up from the garbage suspension this thing has. That was at like 75k on the car. Now at 95k the rear Yokohama avid avenders that the dealer ripped her off on are all cupped up and ready to go in the darn trash can. These tires look brand new too....it’s like lighting my money on fire!

The Elantra is a pretty sweet ride, but Hyundai was smoking Something when they put this race tire on this tightly sprung economy car.

I’m gonna try putting some old accord 205 60 16 tires on. They are 1 inch in diameter wider. Anyone ever try to go that much wider?
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