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Hello Elantra Forum,

Just got a hand-down 2013 Elantra 80k miles from brother.
Seems the mpg is lower than expected.

When I first got the car, I was getting on average ~22mpgs on display.
Changed the spark plugs to some nicer NGK Iridiums @ ~$10 a pop, car runs smoother, but I only seen about a +1mpg increase @ ~23mpgs now.

I don't believe my brother ever did anything to the car as far tune-ups go.
Anything I could do to make this car run better?

Fuel Filter? (hard to find it without the whole pump)
Wires? I did not see the traditional spark plug wires that I had on my Toyotas
Ignition Coils?
Water Pump?
Fuel Pump?
O2 Sensors? I've heard someone say that the smallest errors in the o2 sensors will illicit a CEL, so do these not need to be replaced?
PCV valve?

I have no CEL lights on, but should any of these items be replaced @ 80k miles or am I better leaving these be.
I've looked through the manual and did not recall it saying to Replace much of anything besides engine oil/filter and air filters.

Also, should I drain/fill the ATF? Will Maxlife work??

Thanks for any info fellas, I have limited mechanical experience and am new to the Hyundai World, any input appreciated,


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If you had issues with the coils, O2 sensors or PCV you'd most likely get a check engine light. Fuel & water pumps won't help with mpg.
I would check the air filter, change oil (if they're not new) and maybe jack up each corner to see if maybe the brakes are dragging. There really isn't much you can do to modern cars to gain MPG except preventative maintenance.

You could get an app call Torque and a bluetooth OBD2 reader and view different parameters of the engine but you'd have to know what you're looking at to know if it would be causing a loss of power/economy.

You didn't say what type of driving - city or highway. Mine in about a 50/50 mix shows 29.5 - 30 but hand calculates to 27-27.5.
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