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Hi all,
Today I took my 2010 Elantra Touring to my local hyundai dealer to get 4 wheel alignment. I took it to the dealer because the car was visibly pulling to the right.
After waiting for an hour and a half at the dealer they told me the alignment was done but they couldn’t fix the camber because “the model of my car prevented them from adjusting the camber and they had to order an expensive ($900) camber repair kit”. However they told me they did a road test and it drove fine.
I say okay and leave the dealer, only to notice right away that the car is still pulling to the right just as strongly. It doesn’t feel like they’ve fixed anything, but they’ve already charged me $120.
I went back to the dealer but they didn’t acknowledge the problem and said it was fine.
Are these people trying to fool me? It seems to me like they charged me that amount to fix what wasn’t broken. What do you guys think I should do?

Note: B=before, A=after in the pics
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