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Greetings and salutations! I hope this is the correct place to put this thread, but I am running into a little difficulty with my car. The battery keeps dying. We have replaced the battery and positive battery cable due to disrepair and in hopes to fix the issue. New battery still dies. Replaced the alternator because the old one was cracked and also hoping it would fix the issue. Still dying. We got it checked at Auto zone several times with all results different. Thinking there is a shortage somewhere that is sapping the battery and causing the tests to be erratic. We checked the cables of the alternator and there is no fraying or what have you. We have also checked the fuses.

Is there something we are missing? Something asininely simple that we just haven't thought of? Any help would be appreciated. Popping the clutch isn't exactly thrilling for me, nor is having to charge my battery every night.

Thanks in advance,

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