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cheers all, awesome site. so much, and all just for elantra's !!!

new here, got a (new to me) little car. 2003 elantra gt. got it for a song cause it needed head gasket done. im an HD mechanic, so I did the gasket myself, been driving it around now for couple weeks, I kinda like it, I might just keep it and ditch my other commuter car. anyways, next step is a command start (im in Canada). it can get cold here, and we plug vehicles in, (this one has a block heater), but I like a command start.

what im asking is is there any factory anti-theft stuff I need to worry about on this car? I put a command start in my 1997 accent, pretty straight forward lol.. But this elantra has a key fob that locks doors etc etc, is it also enabling a fuel system disable or something like that? can I keep using the factory fob for doors, and then install a simple 'pro-start' command start, and not have any interference between the two? or do I need to disable something in the car for it to work? the car is a 2003, and we live in a tiny middle of nowhere town in mountain, I'm really not worried about theft of the car lol. If I have to disable something in the car, that's fine with me.

thanks in advance to all for any advice or direction on this one
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