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I have an '07 Elantra Limited w/ 52K miles and auto transmission. Several weeks ago, the car became hard to start after sitting for an hour or longer.
Mornings, after sitting all night, the car is particularly hard to start.
I assumed that I got a tank of bad gas. Ran the gas down to 1/4 tank then refilled from a different gas station. Still hard to start then the Check Engine lighted. On July 30 I kept my appt at my Hyundai Dealer Service Dept where I was told the Check Engine light code means the engine is running lean. The technician told me he had a hunch the Mass Airflow Device that sits behind the engine air cleaner was defective so he swapped it out. I picked up the car (the engine was warm) and it started up OK. I drove 5 miles then parked the car and returned an hour later and it took 90 seconds of starter grinding before it would start. Drove five miles then the Check Engine light came on. Next business day drove back to the dealer and told them the car was exhibiting the original problem of difficult starting. They loaned me a dealer car and said they would call me. Almost two weeks later they called stating they think it's the fuel pump which will cost around $559.00 to replace in addition to the $345.00 I spent (including 90 minutes labor) to replace the MAss Air Device. I'm at wits end. Any suggestions what might be wrong with the engine?

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