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I've got an '07 Elantra with 64K miles. The front brake pads were replaced and the rotors turned at 32K miles. The rear brakes are original to the car.
The brake fluid needs to be changed.

Which brake pads should I use? ceramic? or OEM front Hyundai parts?

Should I buy replacement brake fluid from Hyundai parts or buy it from an
auto parts store?


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@ ace

If you are interested in an amazing brake performance, a set of ceramic brake pads will work much better for you.

I would recommend you to change the rear pads if it is needed and have the front ones checked at the same time. Our set of ceramic brake pads by Centric is made to fit your OE specification and will provide you with
the long and reliable pads and rotors life. Follow the link to check out all available Centric sets for your Elantra: http://www.carid.com/centric/

In regard to your question about brake fluid changes, check your owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.

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