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'06 elantra 160,000 Miles started running rough and throwing codes. Here are the codes, which I have looked up and most pointed me to a Hyundai bullentin regarding the CVVT which has tested well at 6.7 - 7.0 Ohms resistance and getting 12Volts at the harness. I am getting ready to pull out the cvvt and bench test the solenoid and valve to ensure proper operatioin. so far it is testing good. if that isnt the problem what else could it be? There have been many guesses on line and I honestly dont have that kinde of money to replace everything suggested. it was over $1,000 and nothing very definite that would fix it. here are the codes i pulled if anyone can help it would be great.

HYUNDAI* P0016*Crankshaft*Position–Camshaft Position Correlation *Bank 1 Sensor A *

HYUNDAI* P0011 'A'*Camshaft*Position-Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance *Bank 1*

HYUNDAI* P0038 HO2S*Heater*Control Circuit High *Bank 1 / Sensor 2 *

HYUNDAI* P0136*O2 Sensor*Circuit Bank 1 / Sensor 2 *

HYUNDAI* P0170*Fuel*Trim *Bank 1 *

P2196 L.O2s Signal Stuck - Rich (B1/S1)
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