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  1. Body Kits and Appearance
    Hello Everyone, can LED assembly be considered as direct replacement for a halogen assembly? I was thinking of swapping halogen to LED headlights, but it looks like most of headlight bulbs are not DOT compliant. At this point I am considering a full assembly swap. Any insight is appreciated...
  2. Body Kits and Appearance
    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has attempted doing a grill swap on the 2019-2020 SE/SEL Elantras. I have a 2019 SEL and I wanted to try to throw this grill that I found on ebay that resembles the Sport models. The listing says it also fits the SE/SEL models, but I'm little skeptical/nervous...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey people, Just purchased a 2018 Elantra SEL looking for cool people to talk about stuffs and learn about Hyundais, as this is my first one. mods and advice are welcomed ! Have a great day
1-3 of 3 Results