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  1. General Discussion
    Hello guys, That’s my first post in the forum, and at the first I want to say “My english is not very well” Let’s start into the problem 😭😂 The DRL for my 2017 Elantra suddenly in extinguished at several points”I will attach a photos for my headlights” Anybody knows how can I fix it or where I...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys, well some moron decided to hit my car while I was in the store and instead of doing the right thing and you know waiting there, he took off. So I come out of the store to find the front passenger side light basically demolished(there is no way a grocery cart can do that kind of...
  3. Elantra Sedan General Discussion
    Hey ya'll I just got an elantra with the factory halogens and wanted to convert to factory led. After a little bit of research the main plugs on the halogen and LED headlight look similar, and the plug on the car looks like it should work The main question I have is the harness different on...
1-3 of 3 Results