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  1. Elantra Sedan General Discussion
    I recently changed the power steering assist motor coupler, a little rubber spider looking thing. When I was disconnecting the wiring necessary to get to it, every wire had either a different sized coupler or different colored wiring with the exception of the two power leads to the assist...
  2. Elantra Sedan General Discussion
    I've read just about every forum post on every site for this issue and tried everything I can think of, but the problem persists. First started about a month ago or so, the blower fan speed would go from high to just about nothing randomly. Have not been using AC but it does not matter either...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello all, I just ran into some major starting issues with my Elantra and I will be bringing in the vehicle tomorrow to get it looked at, but I am looking for some info and ideas to have beforehand. Any help would be appreciated. Initial issue: Car will not start. Key was recognized in this...
1-3 of 3 Results