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  1. Elantra Sedan General Discussion
    I bought this 2013 Elantra in Dec 2019, and soon after I started getting an issue with the left turn signal. When turning on the left turn signal, the dashboard "green arrow" flashes about double the speed of normal, but several videos on the subject on youtube suggested either the front or rear...
  2. Elantra Sedan General Discussion
    Hello Elantra Forum, Just got a hand-down 2013 Elantra 80k miles from brother. Seems the mpg is lower than expected. When I first got the car, I was getting on average ~22mpgs on display. Changed the spark plugs to some nicer NGK Iridiums @ ~$10 a pop, car runs smoother, but I only seen about...
  3. Elantra Sedan General Discussion
    Hello, I want to put on an aftermarket shift knob on my 2013 Elantra sedan, but the reverse lockout is not like it is on any other cars... I can't find a Hyundai Elantra specific reverse lockout collar. Does anyone know where I can find a reverse lockout out collar that will fit? Or if there...
1-3 of 3 Results