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Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
And as it is a "new" car, why did you change the tires already ?

And what brand/model/size tires did you put on it ?

If you put on wider skins, they might just do that......unless you can talk someone into changing the alignment slightly.

Some styles of tires are more prone to do that than others.
In addition to checking the alignment, you might want to search for
similar reports using the tire model as a search key.

I once had a set of Firestones, IIRC, where the second rib from the outside was the first place to wear. That was really strange.
The OEM tires were (IMO) too low profile (not much rim cushion) and a poor tread design to get me through the winter. I replaced the stock tires with General C-max all seasons. What a difference it made.... meatier tread profile, much better tread design and it handles great in the snow and rain.
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