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Originally Posted by matrix058 View Post
Has anyone noticed abnormal wear on the front tires?

I have 8K on my Elantra coupe SE, replaced my OEM tires about 5K back and just had a rotation done ... the tire guy pointed out some abnormal wear on the inside of my front tires. It was "feathering" (the tread ribs developed a slightly rounded edge). The tire guy says he has seen this with vehicles that have suspension/shock problems but couldn't understand why my tires would have this as it is a new car.

Researching the cause of feathering, I found that if not a suspension problem it could be a possible toe-in alignment issue. I also found that some earlier model Hyundai owners have reported this as a manufactures defect with the suspension.

Anyway taking this all with "a grain of salt" I am going to get an alignment and see if the toe-in is off. I am still a little concerned as in the last 8K miles I cannot recall encountering any major potholes ... so I will update my post after the alignment.
I hope all of this work is being done at the dealership without you paying out of your pocket for it, things like this are covered under the warranty your car comes with.

Any pictures of the abnormal tire wear?
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