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You've got to invest in the KYB shocks!!

I am so glad I did it. Took the plunge and switched out the crappy OEM rear shocks to the KYB, p/n: 554384, on my 2012 Elantra Limited. What a great investment. The upgrade completely changed the ride quality of the vehicle from jumpy and unpredictable over bumps to rock solid. Handles so much better and the ride feel transmits a feeling of confidence and stability. The car goes where you point it now and feels like a true sports car, yet is comfortable enough to drive long distances.

Before the change, even the slightest bump or highway expansion joint sent the rear end hopping. Sometimes so much so my wife nearly lost control of the car on the highway. We nearly wrecked at just 60mph; it was a horrifically scary experience. We were both afraid to drive the car after that & were literally crawling along on highways and down side roads trying to avoid every single dip, hole or rut, including manhole covers. People must have thought we were drunk drivers or something crazy like that. That's when I went in search of a solution. The KYB shocks I've read about on the forums did not disappoint.

I highly recommend this as the single most important upgrade investment you could make for your MD (2011-xx) Elantra. I purchased mine from Advance Auto Parts online with a $50 discount coupon code and free shipping, bringing my total to just over $100 for both shocks, which from what I can tell is the best price around by a good amount. Had the dealer install them, which was a hit at $228 labor, plus tax; but, I am recovering with a broken leg after being plowed over by a car while walking across the street. I'm lucky to be alive, but otherwise, I would be doing my own work.

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