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Popping Noise

When i drive my car or have it parked for a short amount of time, a loud popping noise comes from the car, can't tell where from. It is so sporadic and happens at such odd times that to take it into the dealership might be futile, unless they have heard of this before. It is loud enough that I can hear it inside the car and it sounds like it is coming from the passenger side of the car. Sometimes it is running while parked and makes the noise or if the car is turned off, I will go about 20 feet and sit and it will make the noise. Usually it is right after it has been driven, not sat for a long time. It made me wonder if taking heavy objects in and out of the trunk could be causing the noise. When I put a heavy object in the car is it causing the flooring to bend, then when I take out the heavy objects the flooring is coming back into place? This seems almost unlikely because I have been putting the same heavy items in and out of the trunk since I had the car. Also, it seems that the noise started after I got new tires. I don't remember it happening before then. I had to get all season tires to replace original ones to drive in the snow.
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